In case you missed my live blog last week on ordering the alleged $10 DSL, I have found that it in fact exists and is theoretically possible to get. I’m well into hour five in terms of time spent trying to get it. Read here to see what brought me to this point, and pay attention to this page throughout the day while I work to see this through to completion.

3:20: Called (800-288-2020) to find out why they haven’t installed my phone line yet. Learned from the automated system while I was on hold that you can’t order an iPhone over the phone with AT&T.
3:24: For the industry leader in Voice Recognition systems, AT&T’s VR really sucks.
3:27: Even though I picked the right department for checking the status of an order through the online prompts, I was given to a billing person, who tried to get me to hang up and call someone else. I went off on her like we were on Jerry Springer and she suddenly figured out how to transfer my call.
3:32: I apparently landed in the queue that tells you “Sorry about your luck.” The message that repeats verbatim goes as such:

“Your call is very important to us, thank you for calling AT&T customer service. We’re currently experiencing high call volumes and apologize for the inconvenience, please try your call again later today.”

I’m not sure whether to be grateful that I don’t have to listen to “I Want it That Way” repeat on the hold music anymore, or be irked that I just got ungraciously hung up on.
3:34: Decided to hang up and try using the web form to sign up for DSL. Maybe I’m activated enough to get it working.
3:28: Glory Hallelujah!

You selected Basic, but did you know that with our Express package you’ll get… (marketing crap here) …Yes, I want to order Express for $19.99 per month
No, continue with Basic for $10.00 per month

Gee… can you guess which one I picked?
3:40: Apparently I can’t complete the order because my account is only sortof activated. Back to the phones. This time I called (866.602.4412), a number from the other activation email I got from signing up for phone service.
3:46: Posting what I have to the blog, and continuing to wait on hold. This is light jazz stuff, so it’s doable.. better than the 70’s hold music from last week.
3:52: Discovered a domain wide ASP error on – Fixed it. Doh! Still on hold.
3:59: Finally got someone on the phone. His name is Billy. He’s pulling up my order data.
4:01: Apparently, I need to wait two more days before I order DSL – I need to circulate through the system or something. So look for my next update tomorrow or Thursday.


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