Hey there Rizznites!

There’s a bunch of new folk’s eyeballs looking at these words here, and to you I say “hello!” and “welcome!”

I first want to say to those on the DSLReports forum that I in no way advocate defrauding AT&T or the government … in picking the “I am poor” selections on the AT&T landline signup page … it just seems that if you pick those options, you get better access to the cheaper services. They tend to hide those and endless pitch you useless services otherwise in your attempt to get a barebones landline trying to sign up for the $10 DSL.

If you’re not sure what I’m talking about in the previous paragraph – go to the DSL reports mention of last week’s AT&T article and read their forum posts. There’s quite a few folks that don’t understand why I went through the hassle I went through to get it (and if your curious why I did, check out the latest $10 DSL post and read the comments where I address a bit of that).

For those of you wondering what else I talk about here on rizzn.com, I’d like to point you to my podcast or my current video podcasting efforts over at the UBN. I’m a podcasting consultant, and these days, business is booming. Everyone across the media-entertainment-technology space seems to be wising up to the idea that there is an actual business to be had in podcasting.

Over the next few weeks, I’m actively going to be pursuing a number of ways to better monetize my multimedia efforts, and I’ll be talking about how that’s going here on the blog, so those in the New Media looking to make a couple bucks at it would be wise to throw my RSS into your feedreader.

It’s rather late, and going on early, so I’ll wrap this up. Just wanted to nod hello to the newcomers. The RSS subscription numbers appear to have tripled over the weekend so far, and I thought that warranted a special post on the occasion!

Have a good weekend folks. Talk to you Monday morning, if not sooner.


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