Hey Rizzn-ites,

This is very narrowcasting considering my fairly wide audience these days, but I need to put something up online so that friends near and far from the Tyler and East Texas area can find out about a dear friend of ours that has recently passed.

Joe Dan Thomas, known online as XVbladeloveVX and the producer of the Mark and Darrell Show, has recently passed due to respiratory complications stemming from a heart attack. Keep in mind I just found out yesterday about the news of his death, and I received the news second-hand, but here’s the story as I recall it…

Joe, as most of his friends know, has been on kidney dialysis for several years now, and his health has been in flux for a while. He recently had some cardiac problems and ended up needing a pacemaker. Shortly after he returned home after receiving the pacemaker, his home health care worker found him collapsed on the floor. He was rushed to the hospital and revived, but remained comatose.

His father, who has been absent for the vast majority of Joe’s life, was named as his next of kin, and immediately had him removed from life support. Friends and other family rushed in and convinced doctors and Joe’s father to put him back on life support, this time the doctors were really understanding because last time they had to go in to find some help, due to the irresponsibility from doctors. Over the next week, friends and family were just learning of his condition, but by week’s end, despite Joe’s improved responsiveness and health, his father removed life support again.

The official cause of death was named respiratory failure.

Joe’s dear friend Doug was set to give the eulogy at his funeral, which was yesterday at 2:00 PM (which I learned about too late to attend, unfortunately), but for some reason none of his friends were allowed to speak for him, including Doug. In my friend Ronnie’s words, “the funeral was in no way what Joe would have wanted.”

Ronnie and several others are trying to organize a graveside memorial more fitting Joe, a man whom most of us remember when we think of our good times back in the post-high-school days in the late 90’s. This is set to take place in the next couple of weeks, and I encourage all of you to use the comments section to communicate with one another to try to find times that will work for all of us.

For those of you outside the Tyler enclave, if you’re a long-time Rizzn-ite, you may remember Joe as the narcoleptic producer of the Mark and Darrell show for most of its several year run.

Joe – you will be missed not just by me, but by many, many of your friends. I can only pray that you rest in God’s merciful hands now, and know a measure of peace and comfort that you were ill-afforded in your all-too-short life on this planet.


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