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Update: 9:36 AM CST (10/02/207): This is where the update on all the new gPhone confirmations are.

Update 5:36 PM CST (8/27/2007):
211 Blog Reactions to the story, according to Technorati. Apparently I struck a chord talking about the what people seemed to have now dubbed it, the “gPhone” (notice the iPhone-style capitalization). At any rate, I encourage you to check out the podcast discussion over at Podango to get the full sense of context of the conversation. It’s around 7-10 minutes into the show or so, but the first story off the top. Since it’s such a big deal and everyone is talking about it now, I’m going to check again with my friend and see if he or someone at the company will make a statement on it. He had mentioned a name (that presently escapes me) that had demo’ed it in the past and that might be willing to speak about it. My goal is to track him down or be given a good reason why he can’t (or won’t) speak to it now.

Update 11:33 PM CST (8/27/2007): I spoke to my friend again this evening and told him about everyone’s linking and talking about the story. He was moderately amused, but ask for re-assurance I wouldn’t use his name, which I told him. He gave me the name of the fellow that’s the lead programmer/designer on the gPhone. He’s set to speak with him in the near future, and he’s going to try to casually ask whether or not he was actually supposed to say something about this or not. To re-iterate: my source re-assured me there is a gPhone, but wasn’t for certain whether or not he was allowed to say that.

Also (to answer some of the emails I’ve been getting), the picture below is not a confirmed image of the actual gPhone, but an image I found on Engadget and about a hundred other blogs that seems to be used every time the gPhone is mentioned.

Regarding the $100 laptop strategy, he clarified that it’s more of a long term possibility (based on functionality) of this device rather than an original design strategy. Development on this began, as I understand it, before both the $100 Laptop and the iPhone hit the market. Regardless, as Google’s primary source of revenue continues to be advertising, I can still easily see them subsidizing purchase of the phone and attempting to recoup investment off ad revenue.

Last Update Here 2:59 PM CST (8/28/2007): Further gPhone commentary will be found here for the time being.

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I’m going to talk about this on the show today, so don’t miss Episode 116 of RizWords.

I talked to one of my inside sources at Google today. He spoke on conditions of anonymity, but the guy is someone I trust implicitly. He said that he was baffled at Google’s apparent internal confusion on the GPhone issue – that they’ve actually demo’ed the thing in public before.

He said that the Google (applications) Suite is going to play a huge role in the usability of the GPhone, and the thought process behind it’s functionality is less about beating the iPhone and more about beating the $100 Laptop, which provides a huge clue behind what will be the pricing structure on this.

This is my analysis based on what he told me: It’ll probably be sold at a loss or sold as a loss leader to increase ad-monetized content viewing. Just a guess though.

When he was telling me about all the nuances of what he’s seen the thing do, I couldn’t help but audibly remark about the FCC bid for the 700mhz spectrum making a whole lot more sense. He didn’t come out and say it, but I got the impression that they were gunning for the spectrum with a vengeance.

Essentially, this is a post to say that this is a solid confirmation on the GPhone – regarding the two week timetable on it’s release, he said he could not confirm that part of the story. I suggested a theory that perhaps they’ll show a version of the phone in two weeks (or a press conference about it), but it might not be available for American release until later, and he seemed to think that was a reasonable theory.

Other tidbits that I’m trying to recall based on questions I’ve received from readers:

  • It’s a modified Linux kernel. Learn the linux benefits
  • There is integrated GPS and GoogleMaps

I couldn’t get much more out of him than that, and he wouldn’t put anything on the record, due to his unique position at the company he wasn’t sure what exactly he was allowed to say, but his exuberance and confidence was quite clear when he talked about the GPhone.

We’ll analyze this on the show today (Episode 116), so don’t miss it.


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