Hey, Rizzn-ites.

It’s been an odd week for us here at Studio.Rizzn. It would appear that the gPhone story has knocked us onto a lot of people’s radars. There are actually enough people posting here to warrant a bit more attention from me to my blog. I know I’ve broken this promise many times in the past, but I’ll be posting a bit more often around here.

And in the spirit of wrapping up the gPhone rumors, I’ll put in writing here what I’ve been trying to put out on the show the last couple of days…

I got a call from my friend over at Google (the guy everyone calls ‘Deep Throat’), and he told me that “oops, yeah, um, I should have told you that stuff off-the-record, or not at all, because that demo I was talking about? yeah, it was a private demo, not a public one. Sorry!”

On the up side, though, he’s not fired.

On a similar note, I’ve finally contacted my old buddy at HTC to try to confirm the rumors CG started about them doing the hardware for the gPhone. Unfortunately, by the time I called him, the lockdown had already initiated. I know the fellow pretty well, so it was unusual for him to be so tightlipped. His exact quotes were “I know nothing,” and “I know only what I read on blogs.” This can be interpreted so many different ways, I’m not even going to try to extrapolate.

Mostly, though, I surmise that very possibly the CrunchGear story is correct. Nothing in there directly contradicts anything I’ve heard.

So, for the moment, my contacts trail on this story has dried up, and I don’t expect anything else from my trusted sources until a release date comes up or something else like gColdFusion is released (and no, that’s not an actual rumor I’ve heard, just so that quote doesn’t get taken out of context).

I would have put this out on the show Thursday or Friday, but Art and I have been absolutely plagued with technical issues, as we try different new recording techniques to bridge the 100 mile gap between our studios. There should be a late release of Friday’s show, but Thursday’s show was mangled in post-production beyond all recognition, and was scrapped.

Also, long-time and n3wb Rizzn-ites will be pleased to know I’m killing the green layouts very soon. I’m talking to Ryan at 3DegreeMedia to get a better design going. As I’ve become more entrenched in programming these last several years, my design skills have almost completely atrophied (and I used to be quite good). So coming very soon, a site that won’t make your eyes bleed!

And that’s a good thing!

You have a tech rumor for me? Something for me to track down? E-Mail me, and I’ll find out. Until Monday (when we are broadcasting the show), deuce!


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