UPDATE: 10:42 PM CST 9/11/2007: Due to issues with Podango, the podcast hasn’t hit the feed as of yet. My deepest apologies. It should hit in the next couple hours. I’ve got folks at all levels of Podango up way too late trying to figure out the problem.

UPDATE: 1:07 AM CST 9/12/2007: Apparently, AdBrite is having issues with it’s video serving code. I’ll repost it and hopefully you’ll be able to once again view Ken’s video. Today has been an especially trying day for Art and I in just about everything we’ve tried in terms of getting technology to work as advertised.

UPDATE: 2:17 PM CST 9/12/2007: The show is finally in the feed. We’re now recording EP128. Ah well, always next year.

In about an hour, Art and I will be going on the air for our podcast, not to bring you the news in Politics and Technology, but to look back to 2001 and recall our memories, feelings, thoughts and experience from that fateful day.

A number of folks have contributed pieces for inclusion on the show, including Ken Rutkowski of KenRadio, Cinco of AKARadio, our own Newsguy Jon, and Frank Cotolo of the Cotolo Chronicles.

Below are the individual clips submitted to us by our friends and fellow podcasters.

The following audio clips are available:


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