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Broken technology, non-functional technology, things that don’t work as advertised: these are the things that are the bane of my existence the last couple of days. As such, my life has been in catch-up mode, so I don’t actually have a lot of time to write this article, so I’ll make it a series where I talk about the different services that have completely disappointed me lately. I know I’ll be talking about AdBrite today, tomorrow TalkShoe (that one is a doozy, let me tell ya!). I’ll be talking about Veveo, AdSense, GrandCentral, and a couple others here in the coming days.

AdBrite (www.adbrite.com)
I recently told GoogleAds to go kick some rocks, and as you may have noticed in your browsing of the website, I’ve been auditioning new monetization for the blog. I’ve been fairly pleased with project-wonderful, and I’ll be posting a better review of them later, but AdBrite has been a huge disappointment.

In terms of customisation and the types of items you can monetize, its easy to be dazzled by the dollar signs going in. Unfortunately, the ROI on your content is only marginally better than AdSense, and the advertising is several orders of ten more intrusive, doing the pop-over thing, interstitial advertising, as well as traditional text and banner advertisement.

My disappointment started with the fact that it took about four days for the ads to start running. Their pattern matching and keyword matching, once it began, was quite sub-par, in all aspects, and as such, the targeting of the ads was abysmal.

The delivery of the interstitial ads seemed completely arbitrary, even though it was set to display only after three pageviews.

As for the banner/text ads, when they finally did start showing up, as I said, keyword matching was far off the mark, and the banner ads were the variety you find on the trailer park MySpace that start screaming at you how you’ve won a free iPhone already!

After running for a week and a half, and after recording just over 10,000 pageviews (my guess is that it didn’t start recording pageviews until some where in the middle of my run), only four clicks, and $1.35 in revenue.

The icing on the cake was that their inVideo product was completely non-functional. There is a catch in their code – it generates a JavaScript to display, but blogger (and many other popular places to display videos) doesn’t allow JavaScript. After some digging, there were several ways to alter the code to make it work in Blogger or other places, but all they did was cause a flash gimmick to pop up saying there was an error in the file (you know, you probably saw it yesterday). About one in 20 loads, the video would play, but then there would be no ads displaying.

Repeated messages to AdBrite support have yet to have yielded any results.

The biggest disappointment was that inVideo really seemed like the lowest barrier to entry in terms of monetizing online video, and I would have loved to use it for my own applications, and reccomend it to clients and readers. Until improvement at AdBrite has been made on several fronts, I don’t believe that can honestly be done.

As a result, all AdBrite code has been pulled from the site. Sorry about all the annoying ads interrupting your surfing experience. They’re gone now!

Tomorrow, we’ll hear about TalkShoe, their most recent rollout of new features, and the rolling schedule of outages they’ve experienced since yesterday afternoon following the rollout. If you’re up for some good belly-laughs, you’ll want to be here for that one.


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