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It’s not often that you’ll see a blog post from me that agrees, more or less, with the Huffington Post (and don’t think that doesn’t make me more than a little nervous), but I’ve got to chime in on the ‘Civil Discourse turning UnCivil‘ down at University of Florida.

In case you missed it, here’s a video link:

Every time I watch it (and this is a different version than what I originally saw), I have to stop and think of what could possibly be running through the five or six campus cops’ minds while they’re tasing and wrestling to the ground a student for exercising his first amendment rights.

I certainly don’t agree with most of the fellow’s politics. The guy clearly has some moonbat tendencies, as is evidenced from some of his writings on his website, but is this a reason to use such force in quieting him? He barely had 30 seconds to get out his question before they called time. I believe it was a minute and thirty seconds into his series of questions when they cut off his microphone. Less than a second later, they were physically restraining him. About 40 seconds later they had him wrestled to the ground. Seven seconds later, he was in handcuffs. For the next 15 seconds, he was repeatedly tasered.

All the while, Senator Kerry keeps going as if nothing out of the ordinary is occurring. According to the New York Times, “…[l]ater, he said that he had not been aware until afterward that the student had been shocked with a Taser.” Watch the video again and tell me if you think that. In his statement, he also said:

I believe I could have handled the situation without interruption, but again I do not know what warnings or other exchanges transpired between the young man and the police prior to his barging to the front of the line and their intervention.

I asked the police to allow me to answer the question and was in the process of answering him when he was taken into custody.

There was a later post from a staffer on the blog named Brian Young that went a ways to try to explain away some of Senator’s aloof-ness. It fell short. It is impossible for me to believe that he couldn’t hear the fellow yell at the top of his lungs: “Don’t tase me, bro!”

Students are ineffectually protesting at the UF Campus the use of tasers, completely missing the boat on what’s wrong here. Given the fact that most of the folks I’ve been personally involved with over the course of my life from UF have been screaming leftists that would rather follow the herd of liberal thought than analyze for themselves what’s politically right or wrong, this doesn’t surprise me.

Another thing that doesn’t surprise me is Fox News’ immediate willingness to ignore the larger story here and start an all out effort to make the law enforcement look blameless in this by saying the whole setup was likely a hoax from the beginning, attempting to further poison the well of public opinion. As evidence, they cite a couple comedy videos found on Andrew’s website. I’m sorry, but after perusing the website, I’m more inclined to believe that it wasn’t a hoax, simply because his political philosophy leans moonbat.

Here’s the point I’m coming to in all of this, a point that I touched on during today’s show: Why does everyone in the establishment (and by this I mean government and Old Media) pretend as if truth can be established by spinning the facts? Between the two or three videos available on YouTube of the event, it’s more or less as if we were all there. We could see what was going on from about three major angles. We all know John Kerry was paralyzed with indecision. We knew he was about to try to spin the answer to the question to avoid answering the Skull and Bones question. We all know that the campus cops were acting way above their pay-grade and were not simply doing their job, as their public statements say it. We all know that this set of YouTube videos of this incident does not fit the profile of the other videos available on Andrew’s site.

Why the lies, folks? How stupid do you think we are?

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