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A bit of news I’ve come across, and I haven’t really seen anyone else report this yet, but I was alerted a couple days ago via the TechPodcast discussion list that the Zune and Microsoft are making an effort to be more podcast friendly. Rob Greenlee sent this to the list Thursday:

I wanted to let you all know that I am the new Podcast Programming Lead on the Zune team here at Microsoft and […] I am determined to make podcasting or portable on-demand casts great on the Zune. [I] was not involved with building the core technology for the podcast engine on the Zune, as I just started here on Tuesday of this week.

Rob Greenlee
Mobilecaster News & Zune Podcast Programming Lead
(www.mobilecasternews.com) – (www.zune.net)

Rob is a long-time podcaster, and referencing some of Apple’s early mistakes in podcasting, wanted those of the TechPodcast community (as well as, presumably, the podcasting community at large) that he was very open to suggestion and communication in his work.

I’ve got to say that one of my continuing frustrations with any of the big tech groups like Yahoo, Apple, Microsoft and Google is that they either have no clue to how the podcasting technology is supposed to work, isolate themselves in an ivory tower from the podcasting community at large, or both. Apple has been unresponsive to anyone but video podcasters and MSM for quite a while. Google, for some reason, has never gotten around to putting together a directory or anything podcast centric (although I vaguely remember seeing something a while back that encouraged you to individually upload and tag all your media files from your podcast individually.. don’t seem to see it now, though). Yahoo, well, we all know how well their foray into podcasting went.

Microsoft, here’s to you maybe getting it right! Hopefully we’ll see good things from the new Zune community when it emerges.


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