Hey Rizzn-ites,

This post goes out to the developers in my audience that are Twitter-heads. I really love the new Twitter “track” feature. In case you haven’t checked it out yet, basically, you type “track [keyword] into Twitter, and it’ll alert you whenever a new twitter containing that is mentioned by anyone on twitter.

I’ve been noticing my tracks have been wiped out a couple of times – not sure if that’s a bug or a feature. At any rate, it’s not a supported (in the API) feature just yet, and for an applet I’m working on, I need the data fed into another routine. I toyed around with all the search engines out there, and wasn’t able to find exactly what I need out of it (that is, an RSS feed based off system-wide tweets by keyword).

So then I remembered Yahoo! Pipes. I made this little pipe that allows you to enter a search term, and then get search results based off of that. It also generates the content in just about every type of RSS feed you could ever dream of.

Want it? Go here for it: Twitter Tag Searcher.

Are you a developer? Want to be able, say, CURL an RSS to get what you want? Syntax below:



That’s the latest from here. I’m headed to bed.

(there’ll probably be a PHP snippet on this from me soon. maybe. depends on how motivated i am tomorrow).


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