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Better late than never, I s’pose. I’m finally chiming in on the TechMeme 100 conversation. What finally was my impetus was this article over at the UK Guardian. Bobbie Johnson over there seems to be of the opinion that the TechMeme 100 is a small sandbox being fought over by a few folks for a tiny bit of traffic. According to Bobbie, the Drudge Report, those cheeky beggars at Digg, Google News, Reddit, the Huffington Post, StumbleUpon, Slashdot, BoingBoing and a number of loony New World Order conspiracist sites all send more traffic than TechMeme.

But then again, Bobbie may not understand the concept of niche news. He is from the UK Guardian, after all. Most of those MSM types have a hard time understanding the intertubes and all that.

Winer, Scoble, Arrington and others all weighed in on the TechMeme 100, all with very interesting points (and all of them made the TechMeme front page, too). I’ll be real honest, though, I’m pretty sure I’ve only been on TechMeme once or twice as a primary headline. One such time was back in July, on the 13th to be exact, in regards to my $10 DSL saga. It was very widely reported after being listed in Engadget. Here’s the breakdown of the traffic spike on the 13th as my Google Analytics log displays (which, keep in mind, is a bit lower than most other stats engines in terms of what it records); all numbers in unique visitors:

  1. Engadget.com – 3,853
  2. DSL Reports – 949
  3. Direct or Entered “rizzn.com” in Google – 691
  4. Other Google traffic – 244
  5. news.google.com – 194
  6. stumbleupon – 96
  7. Houston Chronicle – 60
  8. TechMeme – 57
  9. Wifi Net News – 50
  10. Digg – 34

The numbers speak for themselves. Of course, actually being on the TechMeme 100 means you’re getting significant attention already, but in terms of that incredible influx of traffic you think it might bring in, I wouldn’t really look to gaming TechMeme 100 for that.

Just my two cents to the mid-level bloggers out there like me. In terms of us tech bloggers, look at TechMeme for what it is – a status symbol (and perhaps, if you make repeat appearances there, a brand recognition tool), but not really the place to get that Digg-like avalanche of traffic.


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