According to Steve Rubel, we’ve all missed the mark (apparently, including me) on the topic of web traffic (stemming from the TechMeme, er, tech meme). As many people have noted yesterday right about the same time I said it, there really isn’t a lot of traffic to be had by gaming the TechMeme, and thus, it’s rather pointless to game it (or, perhaps it is better to say that the rewards of gaming it would likely be less valuable than the energy spent in the process of gaming it).

Essentially, Rubel’s point is that because most traffic these days comes from dis-interested Google searchers, then “…debating which sites drive the most traffic is really meaningless. A more fruitful discussion should be around what metric succeeds the page view. A lot of people are measuring by traffic, but those days are coming to an end – slowly.”

I’m not sure I may be grasping everything Rubel’s saying her, but as I see it, traffic clearly still counts for media types like bloggers, podcasters, and vidcasters. Sure, responsiveness of the audience and how engaged the audience is plays a big part, but seriously – if you have three super engaged listeners to your podcast as opposed to 7000 marginally interested listeners to a podcast, for instance – well, which one do you think is better?

Traffic is, let’s not forget, numbers of people. Long-tail is important, but let’s not get all nutty now and say traffic is an antiquated concept that means nothing. Seriously.

Am I really off on this? Am I missing the point? I don’t think so, but I’m open to suggestion.


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