…well, two, really. Three, if you count Art.

We want to go to two conferences (that we’ve identified so far!) on the slate for this year. Our coverage on RizWords, Art Lindsey’s blog, and the blogs at here Rizzn.com will be highly read, as well will be our coverage strung to other new media outfits. Seriously! Highly viewed by hundreds of thousands of focused niche readers and listeners.

The two conferences are:

  • CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference): This event takes place in March of 2008, and we’d like to get sponsorship closed by the end of October 2007. Every major name in conservative politics will be attending, including Tony Snow, Sen. Mitch McConnell, Vice President Richard B. Cheney, William Lauderback, Michelle Malkin, Phyllis Schlafly, Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, and many more!
  • CES (Consumer Electronics Show): This event is in January of 2008, and we’d like to close sponsorship by the end of October, as well. This is the technology event of the year to attend. The connections and scoops that can be garnered by attending this conference can be simply boundless in terms of increasing your bottom line.

    This is, unfortunately, a more expensive conference to attend (because, mostly, it’s held in Las Vegas), so despite the fact we’ve raised a fair amount of sponsorship for this event, we’re still looking for a bit more. We’re looking to take a team of at least six folks, and the hotel rooms are obnoxiously expensive there.

What will you get for your sponsorship? Depending on your sponsorship level, you’ll get one or more of the following:

  • Mentions in the tops and/or tails of our reports on RizWords.
  • Us wearing your schwag on camera.
  • Us acting as representatives for your brand, and collecting names and numbers of movers and shakers that can use your product or service.
  • Us presenting you with advice and consultation services personalized for your organisation based upon the findings and analysis after our post event wrap-up, and how you can increase your bottom line.

We aren’t going to charge our typical CPM style ads – it’d get way too expensive way too quick. You listen to this show, you know the type of people we speak to. Suffice it to say, we talk to a lot of folks like you both on the show and off the air. All for less than the price of taking your staff out to the conferences or buying a booth! Flat fee style!

Interested? Email us, and we’ll talk turkey. Don’t worry, if you don’t think you can afford it, drop us a line, and we’ll try to work something out.


PS: of course, if you’re interested in buying a CPM ad for the regular show, we’ve got some new openings for that, too! Email us.

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