Hey Rizzn-ites,

Robert Scoble, Andy Beal, Michael Arrington, and very likely every other A-List blogger is gazing towards their navel as they all unzip their feed readers and compare the size of the feed-count. Maybe you can call my disinterest feed envy, but I’ve got to be real honest: I’m more or less sick of everyone in the so-called A-List talking about how great they all are, and how awesome it is that they are about to be a part of another exclusive club of folks with a thousand or more subscribers or ten-thousand readers to the blog or what have ya.

As to the rest of us – I got a proposition for ya. Remember that episode of Star Trek, the Next Generation, I think it was, where the Borg had the Enterprise in the cross-hairs, and then Geordi and Data came up with the plan of uploading the logic bomb that looked like a mobius strip, wound up making all the A-Listers Borg sit there and try to assimilate the information while the Enterprise beat a hasty retreat.

These top lists, Technorati, TechMeme 100, and what’s sure to be the Google Feed Reader 100 that some jerk with an Ajax development kit is writing as we speak, are our logic bomb.

Here’s an idea – let’s write about some stuff that matters to more than about 100 people or so, and then steal all their subscribers and readers.

Want to be part of the Rizzn-ite army? Indoctrination instructions here.

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