The longer I stay on Truemors, the more I like it. Sure, there’s a bunch of uninteresting garbage that comes out of it. Well, garbage may be a bit of a harsh term, but because there’s only one RSS feed, you get a bunch of stuff that you may not be interested in.

Regardless, there have been a couple interesting nuggets to come off there. One that really piques my interest, and I hope to hear more about is a new company/service called simply scrolltalk. From the Truemors posting:

scrolltalk was created in a weekend, starting Friday night and ending Sunday evening. The project went from concept to completion with the help of roughly 25 team members. scrolltalk is a chat room that contextually groups like-minded members, we call it Interest Messaging.

To me, just sounds like an interesting story. I love hearing about rapid development projects with no executive and PR BS around them. To me, it’s what the internet and programming is all about, not the convoluted, over-managed, corporate process we see most of the time.

There’s no contact info on the site, so if the scrolltalk folks want to, well, talk with us either on the show or via email, I’d invite them to do so.


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