Hey Rizzn-ites,

You may see a slightly decreased posting frequency here in the coming days. I’ve started writing this week at Mashable. I spoke with Adam Ostrow, the newly crowned editor of Mashable, Monday evening. I’ve always enjoyed Mashable’s style and timeliness – as I talked about on the show (episode 151) Monday, they beat me on the Google + Jaiku story by about 15 seconds, and I really thought I was going to have a scoop on that one.

Why am I writing for another site? That’s the question I’ve been asked a few times since I announced it on twitter Tuesday evening. Well, quite honestly, I’ve recently discovered that I do indeed love writing as much as I remember from the days of yore when I wrote around two or three five page diary posts a day (Super Fast Kel, you know what I’m talkin’ about). I enjoy the pace and quality of what Mashable puts out, but I can’t do that here on this blog. I have too diverse of a mix of readers to spam everyone three times an hour with a new tech story.

I’d rather keep Rizzn.com a place for really good scoops, a home for the podcast, and a place to really learn about and explore new media and politics.

In other words, writing for Mashable will allow me to do more of what I love without pissing all of you off with ten posts a day!

So definitely keep your RSS readers and podcast clients tuned to rizzn.com, but join me, if you will, in my foray deeper into the heart of social networking and Web 2.0!

(by the way, I’ve set up a feed of just my stories on Mashable, if you want to subscribe to that as well).


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