Well, Mashable was down for most of the day. I wish I could vent here and tell you all the sordid details, but as I understand it, Adam Ostrow will be putting a post up once we get the skinny from our dev and admin team.

Aside from that, it left me with most of the day to play with the backend on Rizzn.com. I’ve been working on a couple of things. Obviously, one of those things was not the backpage layouts. If you’re looking at this page right now, it probably means it looks like the default blogger template threw up all over an HTML editor.

The reason I’m not doing too much with the backpages is that I’m designing an RSS Overlay system based loosely off the Magpie RSS parsing engine. I’ve had this dream to create a web magazine style CMS based on the concept of the link blog for some time. It looks like I might have given myself the kick in the ass I need to make it happen.

Hopefully, then, this site won’t sit dormant for another several months, and the active development will continue. Keep an eye on the rizzn.com root domain – that’s where most of the active development will be taking place, though the end result is going to end up residing elsewhere eventually.


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