This is a post of administrivia:

  • Subscribe to my RSS: You’re probably getting to these pages from Twitter or from FriendFeed – or maybe a few of you are finding them via my actual domain, I haven’t looked at referral logs yet. If you want to get on the RSS feed (I know I’ve hidden it away from you), it’s
  • Progress on the Site: I’ll fix the layout and the RSS links and all the myriad of other things wrong with this site soon. Maybe even this weekend. Now that the server issues appear to be resolved at Mashable, and I don’t have as much downtime, my personal projects once again get shoved to the backburner.
  • These Posts will be Short: You’ll get a break from my usual bloviating style. That’s because, for now anyway, I don’t care about pageviews or ad revenue on my personal domain (that and the fact that this is the last thing I do, usually, before I pass out). Pete Cashmore, however, does. My opinions here will be expressed, but probably without adequate exploration. For that stuff, you’ll need to tune into my various podcasts and blog posts. Look over at Mashable for that stuff.

I have some malformed thoughts on the whole video posting thing. I think it’s a net positive, but there’s some cart-before-the-horse going on here. There needs to be a bit more technology developed in terms of indexing, tagging, and other such mumbo jumbo to make video comments effective.

On the whole, though, if video comments catch on, it could lead to that sort of metric and user habit we all seem to be striving for in the ever evolving path to better ad revenues – that is long term engagement.

I’ll probably write something more cogent about this some time tomorrow.

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