I spent most of this week in a state of lethargy. You’ve probably noticed.

That’s over now. Today and yesterday, I’ve had significantly more energy, and my work product reflected that. I’ve edited, described, and pre-posted almost a week’s worth of podcasts for next week. I’ve written four proposals tonight. I’ve reviewed two contracts. I’m rip-roaring along.

Tomorrow, I’m going to be in Dallas for the WordCamp Meetup at Cafe Brasil on Lower Greenville Ave. I’ll probably be incommunicado but for phone calls for most of the weekend, as a consequence.

I’ll probably turn on my webcam and UStream the event, assuming I can find some free WiFi.

Things I didn’t get done this week:

  • The db structure for Project Linkfish.
  • Lining up all the guests for the podcast for the following week.
  • Writing about the ADM standards.
  • Writing about Video Comments.

Meh. Win some, lose some.

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