My site (, for those of you viewing this somewhere else), is undergoing some major changes. Robert Scoble, a few days ago, was talking about his diminished influence via his blog somewhere (probably FriendFeed).

That got me to thinking of the value of my personal domain simply displaying only my blog content and a list of headlines of what I write at Mashable. My personal influence is distributed all over the place. Digg, Reddit, Twitter, YouTube, Mashable, Google Reader, and FriendFeed, in no particular order.

I suppose I could throw up a bunch of widgets here on the site and be done with it, but what I’d rather have is an integrated experience.

What I’m trying to create here at, essentially, is a showcase for what I do everywhere. FriendFeed’s API is going to be a central piece to all of this, since it’s where I think the conversation is moving to for my circle of friends, but also because it aggregates everything I do elsewhere.

You’ll see my FriendFeed, er, feed, along with what I say on these various items very prominently listed on the front page.

Within the next few days, you’ll also see FriendFeed become the way I power my comments system. Goodbye Disqus (not that I didn’t like you, I just like FriendFeed better!), and definitely goodbye Blogger comments.

And yes, I’ll be making this available as a service or product or something soon. Stay tuned here.

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