In my rush to get something out over the weekend, I took a few programming mashup shortcuts.

Now, while I’m troubleshooting the fact that nothing is working today on with the FriendFeed API how it worked on Saturday, I’m coming to regret a few of my decisions.

First of all, as I said before, Magpie RSS is great for a lot of things (it has been the backbone of a ton of neat little rapidly developed PHP apps that deal with RSS), the nested nature of the XML created by FriendFeed is just too much for it to handle, making it necessary for a ton of crazy work-arounds.

One of those work-arounds was another shortcut I took, Yahoo! Pipes. I created some Pipes to extract out comments for just my comment stream, and comments from just me on my comment stream. It would appear that there are some weird rate limitings going on, and I can’t tell if it’s the fault of Pipes or FriendFeed, given its black-box nature. Sometimes the RSS feed shows up, and sometimes it just disappears (if you hit reload on the Pipes RSS feed about 10 times, it’ll show up half the time, and half the time it won’t).

I’ve created some caching subroutines that wouldn’t ordinarily be necessary to make sure it’ll catch all the comments, but in the next iteration of this, I’m going to have to ditch (or heavily modify) Magpie to make it work for this application, as well as recode the Pipes functionality as actual PHP. This will take me a little longer than I’d like, but it will ultimately be a much more stable application.

That’s the update as of now. Off to work with me.

By the way, on a separate note, pay attention to Mashable Conversations this week – a lot of really cool interviews coming up.

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