I discussed a bit about what I was doing with the blog/site here in regards to FriendFeed on tonight’s Elite Tech News broadcast.

Unfortunately, I’m looking through the entries on the front page now, and either due to caching errors or due to coding errors, a lot of conversations are showing up empty when they in fact are not. Sorry then, if you came to check out the wonder and beauty of a weekend’s programming, and all you got was a bunch of nothing.

I can’t promise exactly when it’ll be all patched up, because the whole rat race at Mashable begins bright and early for me tomorrow morning, but in my spare moments this week, I’ll be working on fixing things. My biggest problem is that I’m using MagpieRSS for my feed reading. While I love Magpie for most things, the FriendFeed feeds seem a bit too complex for it to handle, and I may need to graduate to a more complex RSS feed library.

If you have any suggestions – well, the comments aren’t working here yet – so leave a message on the FeedBurner Feed that will inevitably be generated by this entry (or, alternatively, email me at guesswho@rizzn.com).

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