I’ve been tasked to look into Kyte over at Mashable in connection with one of our side projects. I used the product a long time ago, and I’m sure the service has changed radically since then. The last time I used it, it would crash my browser half the time, and the other half, it wouldn’t really play anything resembling video.

None the less, it sounded like an interesting concept at the time. At this moment, though, I’m only nominally familiar with the product line over there. I’ll likely be taking a close look at it during some point during the week, but I know a number of my readers have used it extensively (I’m looking at you Robert Scoble).

As I haven’t gotten comments working using my FriendFeed engine yet, go ahead and head over to FriendFeed or Twitter or my email and respond with your thoughts on the topic.

Specifically: What is Kyte good for? What does it excel at? Where does it suck? Is it in the UStream space, the Utterz space, or some as of yet undefined space?

Thanks for all the response (how’s that for optimism?).

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