Hey. I saw this in CrunchGear a few minutes ago (thanks Steven), and I had to comment on it:

Sometime on Tuesday morning, a mystery box was delivered to the crew over at Photojojo. The attached freight slip barely served to demystify things, reading: “Call to arrange delivery. Do not let consignee know shipment is from Yahoo until delivery is made.” Odd – surprise packages from Yahoo aren’t exactly an every day thing. What could it be?

Turns out, it was a big ol’ box of beer. To help get the word out to developers about the recent launch of Yahoo’s new open search platform, SearchMonkey, they sent out these “Happy Hour in a Box” kits, packed with SearchMonkey shirts, mugs, and a Heineken mini keg.

Well played, Yahoo. Whoever thought of this deserves a high five and a raise.

Seriously. I can be bought, people. I’m not above reproach in that respect. You can’t purchase the positive analysis you want, but you can darn well at least purchase a mention from me by sending me cool toys or schwag like this.

Most important to note (I’m looking at you, SearchMonkeys) – I live in a dry county out here in Texas. I won’t can’t legally encourage you to bootleg, but I do enjoy the occasional adult beverage.

Just sayin’ (surprise me).


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