Hey Rizzn-ites,

I figure, since I’m posting here regularly, there’s no reason I shouldn’t use this personal blog platform to pimp my other podcast as well, Elite Tech News, to all four of my readers (or is it five? Steven, did you ever subscribe to the feed?).

I say that it’s “my” podcast, but that’s just because I elected myself ringleader and ‘dictator for life.’ What really makes it something anyone else would want to listen to are the other guests and I do mean that. Last time I did a solo one hour podcast gig, I had about as many listeners to that show as I do readers of my personal blog (since the reset).

This week, it was a smaller panel, consisting of Frederic, Steven and I with my buddy Art doing the producer thing. We went off on a number of tangents, and if you look at all the other blog posts about it, you can get all the topics we started with.

Aside from those, I know we talked about:

  • DHL losting my laptop last Christmas.
  • Class warfare.
  • Noah David Simon on FriendFeed and Twitter.
  • My love of liveblogging, and MG’s new love of FriendFeed as a liveblogging platform.
  • Igor the Troll, and how Scoble blocked him.
  • Other things.

In other words, we’re apparently honing our bantering skills. Check it out and enjoy!

You can download the directly show from here or:

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