The upload process took a lot longer than I expected (I need to encode to a slightly smaller format, apparently), but I managed to eek out an under-produced response to Robert Scoble’s assertion that short-form inherently doesn’t lend itself to high engagement (and is thus less prone to monetization).

We’ll test that theory. As I said, leave your comments (video or otherwise) here on the post, and we’ll see if you’re engaged in this conversation or not.


PS: With regards to this type of stuff as a series – this isn’t the ultimate final product of how I want my series to look (or even the typical subject matter). Talking about video all day with all of you fine folks made me want to jump in and do something, though.

This is the general idea in terms of how I want it to looked. Imagine this video post with intros, outros, a bit of music and some dressing up with captions and such, and you get my general idea.

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