Hey folks.

You look around the blogosphere today, and it’s apparent that Logitech finally decided to cash in on this whole “Apple Craze.” They have suddenly realized that labeling all their web cameras as “PC Only” cut out a significant share of the market. Even I, a PC guy, have to acknowlege that a lot of the target market for web camera users are Mac users. That Logitech didn’t see this until recently is a bit silly.

The thing is, Logitech also figures that Mac users are dumb, too. They’ve “created” the new Logitech QuickCam Vision Pro and released it at a Mac user premium price.

Watch the video below for the full scoop.

Also, in other news, this will (hopefully) be my last video on a non-professional video platform. I’m speaking with my platform guy this evening, and he’ll be setting me up with my new feeds tonight, which should allow me to start broadcasting Wednesday with a better look. Exciting!


Update: changed embed to the DailyMotion embed. Just noticed none of my stats on MySpace are registering for some reason.

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