Edgio, the Internet classifieds system that was somehow considered Web 2.0, even though that concept is about as 1.0 as it gets, has been dead for a while. I’m not one of those folks that takes particular glee when I see a site die, no matter who’s in charge.

Something I saw that warrants mentioning today, but not a particularly big writeup, is that not only is the site dead, but it’s decaying. According to the last blog post on the company blog, “This blog will remain in existence as a historical record of edgeio.”

That is apparently not destined to happen. I noticed this afternoon after seeing a number of “wordpress test posts” pop up in the company feed, which is still subscribed in my “corporate” classification of feeds in Google Reader. Curious to see what was happening over there, I clicked on a number of them, but they had all apparently been deleted by the time I saw them (which was relatively soon after they showed up in the feed).

To see what else I could find, I clicked over to the blog site itself. The front page is still there, showing the last few posts, but all links to archives or categories result in 404 errors.

Like I said, not particularly newsworthy, but interesting.

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