As Richard MacManus announced a few days ago, Josh Catone is leaving ReadWriteWeb for greener pastures. It turns out those greener pastures are SitePoint, the well known online marketplace for many things, most notably Web 2.0 startups:

Time to announce where I’m going to be doing my blogging post-ReadWriteWeb. The answer? SitePoint.

SitePoint is a huge web development community, and I’ve been brought on board as Lead Blogger to push out a new focus on their blogs toward web tech news and analysis (the same sort of stuff I’ve been writing for the past year over at RWW). I’ve been a regular on SitePoint’s forums since 2003, and I was a moderator there for about 4 years. So in a way, this is a homecoming for me.

Theoretically I’ll be contributing to all the SP blogs, but really I’ll mostly live in the ‘News & Trends’ category. My goal is to really own the main page of the site in terms of timely, blogged, web tech news content.

I know I’ll be reading the site more frequently, but it was already a place that resided within my concentric circles of online web browsing.

Update: Sarah Perez, to the best of my knowlege, isn’t leaving RWW. And Josh should put his name on his blog somewhere.

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