I’ve been wondering why the local economy in Tyler, TX is better by far than the rest of the country. Perhaps I’ve stumbled on the answer… there’s a local patent troll company here. From the Dallas Morning News Tech Blog:

…a Lufkin judge plans to ban Nintendo Wii and Gamecube controllers today, after the company lost a $21 million patent lawsuit.

U.S. District Judge Ron Clark ruled in favor of Tyler-based Anascape Ltd., which claims ownership of technology used in the Wii Classic Controller, the Gamecube Controller and the wireless WaveBird controller.

The standard Wii remote and the Wii nunchuk are not affected.

Nintendo may escape the ban by posting a bond or putting royalties in escrow. A Nintendo spokesman says the company plans to make a federal appeal, and retains the right to sell the Wii Classic Controller pending the appeal.

Anascape isn’t listed in the local Yellow Pages. I’ll do some digging with the local tech scene to see if anyone knows them, but I’m guessing not.

$21 million infused into the local economy. Neat. Sorry Nintendo.

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