It’s been a minute since I’ve done a daily podcast on politics and technology; actually coming up on a year since the last “RizWords – Daily Politics and Tech.” The show ran for almost a year itself, and Art and I had some fun with it until Mashable‘s job requirements grew to consume all available waking hours for me.

Some sites, CNet, Wired, SlashDot and Ars Technica, have a history of once in a while putting up some interesting pieces about policy in DC having to do with technology or media, but they come at it from a slightly different cultural focus than the rest of us in the blogosphere. Aaron Brazell just pinged me to let me know that it’s official, and Andrew Feinberg is coming on board at Brazell’s Technosailor to work on a new column entitled Suitcase.

What’s going to make it relevant to us is not only the fact that Andrew and Aaron are both active members of the Web 2.0 and social media community, but residents of DC. Feinberg has a particularly good track record of knowing the right people and making the right introductions.

A lot of us will be watching Technosailor’s Suitcase coverage closely to get a better idea of what those DC politicians are saying and trying to push through when they think we aren’t paying attention.

On the other side of the globe, a woman politician is making a name in Sri Lanka. Rosy Senanayake was loved be her people because she stand for what’s right. She always promotes peace and harmony. For more information, visit

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