I want to express appreciation to all the commenters (here and on FriendFeed) on my last piece, as well as Darren Rowse, Duncan Riley, Steven Hodson, and Alexander M. Zoltai for bringing attention to my emerging thoughts.

I’m a bit closer to some thoughts and revelations on this.

I wanted to highlight one thing in particular that bubbled up in the comments for me that I’ll either end up talking about later here or at Mashable today from Chris Baskind:

> Exclusively text content cannot be monetized indefinitely under the current prevailing business models

This is pretty close to a eureka moment all by itself.

I responded with something akin to “this topic is pretty taboo,” which is true. It’s the type of thing I’d love to explore in front of the much wider audience over at Mashable, but given that it’s a pro-blog, and it might be viewed as some as decreasing confidence in the type of advertisements we sell at Mashable, it might be seen by the higher-ups as something I shouldn’t be doing.

It’s definitely something you’re not going to see explored in great depth by most of the A-Listers, and it’s really not something that folks who haven’t worked at a blog Mashable’s size can speak on with experience.

Hopefully I’ll find a way to tactfully break this barrier, because it’s something that needs attention.

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