You know, there’s nothing we bloggers like to do but brag about stats. I had intended to follow up the last couple day’s posts – I’m still noodling those ideas, it’s late, and I might just shoot a video. In the mean time, I think I’m just going to post some statistics on how my blog has grown in traffic since I reset back in April.

If you recall, I talked about my six or seven readers back in June, which might have been a bit of an understatement. When I refreshed my blog in April after six months of nothing but an error page, I told about six or so people about it, and I assumed that it hadn’t grown much since then.

I took a peek at my stats today (see image above), and since April, traffic to my blog has been roughly doubling every month, so by my calculations, I should have around 56 readers now. Watch your ass, Elise’s Recipes! I’m gunning for you!

Also, thanks for reading and participating! I love to see that I have a burgeoning little community going here!

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