This question is for the content producers out there. When you’re creating a new venture, a new production, some sort of new content project… do you go for the most professional and feature-laden toolset out there? Imagine this is a new project for the general audiences you usually pitch to, but might have slightly different branding.

We have such a wide variety of tools to use when hosting and distributing our media these days – if I want to do video and have a sort of organically created feel, I can use YouTube to achieve that end. Flipside, I could use a completely decked out solution like CastFire or Episodic.

In the audio sense, there are a number of really good podcast platforms out there, and on the very organic and versatile side, there’s stuff like Utterz, and on the uber-professional side there’s outfits like Libsyn.

Does the distribution outfit matter when you’re looking at content to subscribe and consume? Or is a feed is a feed is a feed?

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