A lot of what I said yesterday still stand. Actually, almost all of it still stands.

However, I feel I may have unfairly pointed some of my fervor at some folks that may not have warranted it. That’s what this post is for.

Andrew Feinberg – he’s not best known for being a contributor to TechnoSailor he says, and made it very clear that he wasn’t attempting to be part of the lynch mob that came after me. Indeed, he implored me to shoot him if he ever became part of the blogosphere’s various lynch mobs. I think that in my state of being overwhelmed, I mistook his general cynicism towards a lot of the “social media” culture to being directed at me personally. In other words, he’s just cranky in general (not simply sour on me), and that’s something I can respect.

Aaron Brazell – he admitted that his language was overly harsh, and while we still disagree on some semantics, he convincingly explained to me how it wasn’t his intent to insult me. His witticism about my journalistic practices was the straw that broke the camel’s back for me, but he restated his issues were more with that one piece than my entire body of work. We agreed to disagree.

So far, no one else has come forth to walk back any of their comments (nor did I really expect them to), though Svetlana Gladkova did try to tell me on the comments to a post on TechnoSailor that calling Mashable sensationalist was actually a compliment. I’m not sure how that’s supposed to work.

Hopefully this will be the last I speak of this incident. I’m going to give this site another 24 hours to exist on “orange alert” with comment moderation turned on, although I’m happy to report that 94% of the comments I’ve received thus far on the topic have been overwhelmingly positive. As it turns out, I’m not out in left field.

I should probably take this opportunity to further go into the nature of what I think blogging’s form of journalism is, but I think it’s best left for another day, because while it’s interesting, sparking a discussion on it so hot on the heels of this mess is likely going to end up tangling the topics together, and we’ll end up back on the discussion of whether or not I’m a douche or all my detractors are douches, or what have you.

Let’s agree to talk about that later then, shall we?

In the meantime, any serious thoughts are welcome on whether the blogosphere is screwed business-wise or if these recent events (Profy, Weblogs, Inc. and Gawker) are entirely coincidental and in no way form a pattern.

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