As many of you know, I’m some sort of podcasting fanatic. On a typical day, I’ve recorded at least two podcasting sessions, either for me, for Mashable, or as an appearance on someone else’s podcast. If I’m not on a podcast, I’m blogging about podcasts. Sometimes I have phonecalls with other companies about their podcasts. I have podcasts coming out my nose.

Sean P. Aune, one of my buddies who works with me over at Mashable and does the Mashable Conversations video podcast with me had me on his podcast: ScatterCast:

This week I brought on Mark “Rizzn” Hopkins that I work with over at Mashable, and he has his own blog at Mark has been involved with podcasting for years, so we have a nice discussion about the history of the format, why it’s become popular and where he sees it going in the years to come. He’s probably forgotten more about the format than most people have ever even known, so it’s an interesting look into the thoughts of one of the biggest advocates of this style of chat show.

We had a good time – definitely worth a listen. Also a subscribe.

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