Alright. I’ve got several threads that I need to cap off here, and life has had me chasing rabbit trails instead of paying attention to what I said I was going to talk about here. Let’s go down the list of things I said I was going to blog on here or elsewhere:

  • Duncan Riley and Aaron Brazell‘s Blog Network Thing
  • Austin Resources – I decided to do this over at Mashable, but I’d like to get some more input from you guys here as I develop the series. I know a lot of the Austin crew reads me here, so definitely give me your input. If you know any great bloggers in Austin who aren’t on this list, leave them in the comments.
  • Closed Topics vs. Open Topics – I had this thing I started talking about guided discussions vs things you don’t mind if trolls get in on. Sitting in drafts still. Interesting topic, though.
  • At the Edge of Eureka – Boy, you almost forgot about this, right? This is something where I’ve hit my eureka on. Right now I’m deciding what I want to say and what needs to be in the business plan.
  • By the way, did anyone get this joke? I’m guessing not (which is OK by me. I amuse myself).
  • There’s also this thing that ValleyWag said, and the fact that I don’t really agree with Ben Parr. I have a feeling that I’ll be seriously pissing our readers off at Mashable if I get too honest about social media consultants as a group. There are some SMC I really like and who I think really have it together, but there are a lot of charlatans, and I think if I say that at Mashable, it’ll cause some serious waves.
  • … and of course, my new take on blogging’s style of journalism. Not to keep you in suspense, but I may save this for last, or at least the middle. Still want a couple more days between you know what and this.

In other news, we’re off orange alert here at Mashable and back on yellow with purple polkadots alert (i.e., comment moderation is off).

Which stuff do you want first?

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