I’m up way too late tonight, so I’ll just make this quick post to point to some other places I’m making blog posts, occasionally. Eventually I’ll get the RSS feeds up on the front page, but in the mean time you’ll hafta either subscribe to the RSS files or just keep an eye out on their sites for my posts.

A buddy of mine named Luke “Captain Charisma” Massey started a website called the World Domination Network. Long-time readers of mine may recognize that name from the PoddedMeat video show he did with me called “RunTime.” The site is supposed to be an exclusive invite only club, and I’ve got a few of you in mind that I want to bring in on it, but I’m waiting for some of the technical issues to get ironed out first.

I wrote a piece there called “China’s ‘Culture of Fake’ No Substitute for Freedom.” It was mostly inspired by some FriendFeed discussions I saw during the opening ceremony for the Olympics, as well as the TWiT from two weekends ago. A sidenote to that, with relation to the China discussion, Jason Calacanis was the voice of reason on the show – how messed up is that?

Early this morning, I did a post on the brouhaha between Warner Brothers and Fox Studios over the exclusive rights to the movie adaptation of The Watchmen called: “Who Gets to Watch the Watchmen?” I love comic books, I love comic book movies, and I do enjoy talking about IP law on occasion, so it was a perfect fit for a guest post over at Duncan’s Inquisitr while he’s in transit for Gnomedex.

That is all. Talk to you punks tomorrow!

Update: For those of you that weren’t around to catch the old show Luke and I did, you should check it out, it’s embedded below. It was a lot of fun and was particularly well produced given it was a first attempt for all of us at producing video, after years of audio.

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