Adam Ostrow doesn’t tell me much about ReadBurner stuff anymore – I think he’s afraid any coverage I do at Mashable looks like conflict of interest. It really is still one of my favorite little websites on the net.

I’m pretty sure I didn’t know that this widget creator thing existed, but check this out – you can generate widgets that show how much your stuff gets shared on Google Reader:

Ironically, if you’re in Google Reader, you’ll hafta click to the blog to check it out.

On another note, assuming I get some quiet time with the kids, I’ve got all these posts I’ve been promising almost ready to go. I’ve been holding off on some of them because they need video, and some because they need polishing.

You’ll hear about my family drama (briefly) this weekend, and you’ll hear the long awaited kickoff to my journalism series of posts. I know you’re all just waiting with baited breath on that.

You can exhale now.

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