Sometimes, even I’m shocked at the leftarded, Orwellian newspeak that comes out of peoples’ mouths.

Here’s the backstory: Blogger and radio show host Alex Jones, someone I consider to be a leftist in the same way that David Duke is a rightist, led a mob that verbally attacked Michelle Malkin (and physically attacked those who’d stop him) for being, well, Michelle Malkin. This took place Tuesday afternoon outside the DNC in Denver. I wrote it up on Mashable because I think it reflects poorly on New Media and blogging in general when we can’t go out in public without creating a news event displaying our immaturity.

Suprisingly, most of the comments have been supportive – even on Digg. The article is getting tons of votes there and at Yahoo Buzz. I love it when I hit on a good nerve like that.

Unfortunately, some folks don’t like it. There’s a few comments on the Mashable post talking about how horrible I am as a person and blah blah – the usual I get from the Mashable crowd. I’m pretty immune to that, at this point.

There’s a fellow named Anthony Stevens, though, who was inspired to write a multi-paragraph hit-piece on me that went up within minutes of me posting the original article. It started out with the paragraph:

Mark “Rizzn” Hopkins of Mashable gives us another peek into his proto-fascist leanings with a breathless article about the LEFTIST MOB THAT ATTACKED POOR MICHELLE MALKIN in Denver.

Can someone explain this term, proto-fascist? It sounds a bit like something from Star Wars, but I can’t be sure.

At any rate, the guy is obviously off his rocker, and doesn’t deserve a response on anything other than creative imagery with his clearly Alex Jones-inspired terminology.

As a side note, however, I asked some folks, and it turns out that there are other definitions to the word “attack” aside from physical violence. Just puttin’ that out there.

Update: An anonymous tipster has emailed me in response to this post, and they’ve assured me I was correct in my vague assumption a proto-fascist was from Star Wars. Turns out? It’s the name of the monster in the trash compactor.

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