BlogDay this thing thought up by some folks who want bloggers to honor bloggers. I’ve been blogging since the 90s, and this is the first I’ve heard of it. I’m pretty much already on the outs with anyone who owns a computer, these days, since I’m not a card carrying Democrat. That pretty much means I’m required to participate in these sorts of memes so that folks can take breaths between meltdowns induced by my political beliefs (real or perceived).

The idea here is that I recommend my readers 5 others blogs that I read/like/would recommend. Get your clicking finger handy, here they come:

Sean Kennedy
: You wanna talk crazy politics? This is your guy. He’s one of the founders of RantRadio, and is probably most famous for instigating the Wog movement (that is, anti-Scientology) and his Suicide Rant. He’s currently the host of the NewsReal podcast and is finishing up his latest novel, an adaptation of the Afternow audio drama. Links to all that crap are on his blog. Eat it all up.

StarterTech : Remember that thing I said about early adopters? You know I was right. We all know or are related to folks who just don’t get it. Sean P. Aune, fellow writer at Mashable, does this site and gets it right (and gets it so that the newbs can understand).

WinExtra : You know Steven Hodson. Why aren’t you subscribed to him yet?

Chris Brogan : Dude just rocks. He knows everyone, knows darn near everything, and seems to get along with everyone. If you don’t like Chris, there might be something wrong with you.

Michelle Greer : Based on what I’ve read and who I’ve met about and in Austin, if you want to get into the scene there, you need to know her. I put her on the 13 important tech blogs of Austin list, and I got a bunch of accolades for it. Her blog is updated on a similarly frequent-but-inconsistent basis mine is. She’s busy. That’s a good sign.

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