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I’m a Mozilla Firefox user. I hate it. No matter how many times I upgrade it, I’m always left with a sub-par experience. It’ll crash. It’ll bloat. It’ll crawl.

But it’s better than everything else out there.

I’m not excited about Chrome. Not even a little bit.

Look, it’s friggin’ awesome that Google’s doing the browser thing, but from what I understand, this thing is based off Webkit, which is apparently the same codebase that Safari is from. I’ve installed every single browser on my computer in the vain attempt to get away from Firefox.

Flock, Explorer, Opera, Safari. I even have a port of Lynx for when I’m feeling particularly Luddite.

My problem with Safari, aside from poor memory management and this inexplicable half second delay that occurs between clicking on a link and the browser going to hit the website, is that it mangles text, particularly in WordPress.

This isn’t something isolated to me, either. It’s a common ailment (but apparently not affecting 100% of the Safari population) that when you type something into a text box, the last character gets truncated. Whenever I use WordPress to edit a blog post, Safari will do all sorts of weird stuff to re-format what I wrote for me, adding and removing random


I got all this from just about two days of testing. They were deal-killers for me (for obvious reasons), but who knows what other annoying quirks lay below the surface.

I understand it’s probably an asinine task to build a browser from scratch these days, but something based off the Webkit codebase doesn’t sound like something that’s going to make me happy.

I’ll probably end up downloading it the second it’s available though. Here’s hoping.


Also, how cool would it be if the whole theme/skin of the browser was a line drawing like in the Scott McCloud comic?

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