When I first started thinking about the “The New Kind of Journalism” series, it was intended to actually be a business plan. Because I had a number of folks I wanted to show the plan to, I started writing it as if I were addressing a complete newbie to New Media. Of course, in a business plan the idea is to be as succinct as possible, but for me it helps to write things out as verbosely and detailed as possible so I can then capture the highlights to shrink down to an elevator pitch.

As I’ve been considering this from the perspective of it being a potential book, though, I think about how limiting this whole images and text on paper format really is.  I’ve only written two complete books, they were private journals, and while they had a great deal of emotion in them there was no need to make witty cultural references or explain complex issues. 
As I’m writing something that’s semi-academic and based in cutting edge business and media, using only text and images seems limiting. I can sort of get away with it here on my blog by linking to a video rather than embedding it (as I did for this one), but if I throw out the line “your a fag” in a hard copy book with no hyperlink or embedded video, you can bet I’ll be getting a call from whatever the LGBT equivalent to Al Sharpton is the day it hits the press (that is if it gets past an editor).
That’s one extreme example, but there are tons of better examples as to why video can often be much better than other formats.  This weekend I was watching a number of CommonCraft videos, some of the best uses of multimedia to succinctly explain a point.
That’s why I’m left with two questions (and I know you folks are qualified to help me answer this):
  1. What are some existing financially viable models for releasing information that would generally be considered book length form, yet allow for the inclusion of multimedia?
  2. At what point do you think we’ll see some new media type that easily allows for inclusion of multimedia eclipse traditional book sales and adoption?
Throw your thoughts below!
[also: I almost got the next “new journalism” piece done last night, but had to sleep. it should be done for tuesday, hopefully.]
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