Ego-search is such an odd thing. I’ve set up a number of custom filters to do some good ego-searching that prevents that annoying duplication problem you get whenever you have a Google Alert (and you get 30 copies of the same article triggered by one keyword!).

You’d think with a name like Rizzn, you’d be alone on the Internets. There are a few other pretenders out there, though, and you shouldn’t be fooled should you come across them.
For instance, there’s a guy out in Germany who likes to play a lot of first person shooters and MMORPGs. I’m not a fan of FPS, unless they’re on a console, and generally MMORPGs, not at all. You can safely assume that if you see someone named Rizzn and he’s in a gaming guild, it isn’t me.
There’s also a DJ Rizzn who’s name I see pop up on BlogSpot blogs quite frequently. Very prolific, and from what I’ve heard can put together a great illegal mix tape. He’s not me, though. For a time, I was DJ Rizzn, and I occasionally mixed music without permission. This guy isn’t me, though. Also, buy my album.
Then there’s this thing I saw pop up on the feeds the other day; it appeared to be a thank you to a number of folks who helped out during a funeral for the blog post author:

Thank you to Mark with Mark’s Funeral and Cremation for being so caring, and helpful. The pallbearers, Rizzn Praise Team and Marilyn Flynn for their wonderful music and also to the ladies of First Methodist Church and the Lunch Ladies from Windsor Middle School for their wonderful luncheon.

So, to dispel any rumors before they start – no, I don’t own a funeral parlor and crematorium. Likewise, to the best of my knowledge there isn’t a team of people devoted to praising me.
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