Yesterday, I teased some photos of the gPhone spotted out in the wild, and today I deliver. The official release date of the Android-powered T-Mobile Dream is the 23 of this month (a day quickly approaching –…ember-23/).

One of my super secret spies at Google just happened to trade contact information with someone who admitted that the phone in his hand was the rumored Dream.

Most of the details of the plans and specs are publicly available in various spots around the blogosphere, as are some leaked photos, but it would appear that there are a few of these roaming the wild and in regular use, particularly in day-to-day use as the fellow in questionused it for what appeared to be his primary phone.

On the larger image, zooming in shows a bit of a peek at the interface, but from what I can tell it isn’t significantly different from screenshots I’ve seen elsewhere.

Who’s excited to grab one of these? At a price point fabled to be under $200, I know I am.

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Update: From the comments, a video that shows the interface in more detail.

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