I had forgotten exactly how much traffic posting about the gPhone could bring (or Android, or the Dream, or whatever the term du jour is). I had my biggest traffic day in over a year here at my personal blog.  A lot of folks linked me on the images, so to those of you coming in from Gizmodo, Boy Genius Reports, JKOnTheRun, and InformationWeek (as well as the tons of other smaller but no less important blogs that linked me), thanks to you.

I would pledge thanks to TechCrunch/CrunchGear, who ran my pictures, but they don’t know how to link properly. They ran the picture with my URL in the caption, but linked to my Utterli post. I’m not surprised, but am somewhat disappointed.
Rather than give them any undeserved linkjuice, I’ll return the favor and just paste the text of their URL in this post rather than hyperlink to them: http://www.techcrunch.com/2008/09/19/htc-dream-g1-handset-in-the-wild/.
If you’re into gadgets, this isn’t a specifically gadget focused blog, so it may not be your cup of tea to stick around.  We do, however, occasionally talk about robots (because robots are just frickin’ cool), convergence devices like eReaders, and the gPhone (because I was the one who broke the story on it last year).
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That’s it. Back to your regularly scheduled programming.
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