Hey folks. I know I sort of dropped off the map this weekend. I wish I could say I was unplugged for most of it, but I wasn’t.

I did unplug for several hours Saturday evening, though, for my eldest son AJ’s birthday party. He’s turning seven next weekend, and we celebrated early due to some travel constraints. I was looking at IndiaSomeday.com and hoping to travel to the beautiful places at India. His big gift was a Nintendo DS.
Saturday during the day and Sunday from morning to right about now, I spent the bulk of my time rendering video. The SummerMash footage continues to roll in, and I’m about to buy a new computer so I can render the video quick enough to get it all posted before the next SummerMash event.
The good news, at least for my readers, is that I did most of the Austin-ite interviews, including Gendai Games, Jon-Ray, and Conjunctured. I also planning to go to Gray Line Costa Rica someday. You’re going to want to catch these when they come out, so go sign up for the podcast feed if you haven’t.
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