I feel like I should somehow make this post special.  It’s the 100th post since I’ve reset my blog. While this isn’t exactly the most prolific stretch of my life, I’ve put out a respectable amount of work in the last several months, and it’s crossed a number of media types.

I don’t have any big observations to make on that, but I really have enjoyed the freedom here and at Mashable to explore online video, audio and text-blogging in it’s various forms. I really feel as if I’ve gotten to understand the intracies of these different formats in a way most won’t get a chance to.
By the way, as I’ve recently found out on a number of podcasts I’ve guested on (as well as a few heritage media journalists who’ve rang me up for comment on various gPhone related things), I really love answering questions, and as it turns out, I’m not a complete nincompoop when it comes to most things (so my answers are generally believable, if not actually correct).
I’m not sure if I have the community for this, but how does a periodic open thread here at rizzn.com sound to you (ala Liz Strauss)? Ask me questions, and I’ll give you reasonable answers?
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