It isn’t often I use this blog to blatantly pimp my work at Mashable (there isn’t much margin in that, trust me. :-), but I’m wanting to call attention to an editorial/expose thing I wrote late last night/early morning before I fell asleep.

It’s one of those pieces that I’m not sure if it will be wildly popular in terms of attention or completely ignored. It could go either way – it has hotbuttons like politics, Hulu, YouTube, comedy, Sarah Palin, Tina Fey… but ultimately it’s not about any of that so much as it’s a story about censorship.
Oddly, in today’s day and age, we just don’t care about censorship anymore (particularly when it’s happening because of a company, rather than the government). I remember a day when you could call “censorship” on the web, and every Blue Ribbon wearing mofo would hop to. These days, if it doesn’t glitter like it came from Perez Hilton’s MySpace profile, it just doesn’t matter.
At any rate, here’s the piece. And the reason why I point you to that is so that I can point you to an editorial that I wrote almost a year ago called Is The Listener’s License Coming?
Government censorship, I can usually deal with. The bozos in our government are usually so clueless when it comes to technology that the way I figure, if I get caught for something, I probably deserve it.
What bothers me more is corporate censorship.  When large companies have too much power in terms of media inflence so that they’re able to disappear free thought on the Web at a whim.
That’s what both of these pieces are about.

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