“Well look at these morose motherfsckers right here. Smells like someone sh!t in their cereal. Bong!” – Holden McNeil

Look, I don’t have a whole lot of time this evening to go into a great deal of detail, but I’ve gotta get this off my chest before I go to sleep, or I won’t be able to…

This market collapse thing?  You haven’t felt the effects of it yet. Trust me, you haven’t.
If you just laid off staff using that as an excuse, either you were lying to them or you’re fearful of something you don’t fully understand.
If you’re advising your startups to tighten their belts because you ain’t givin’ them any more cash, you’re taking advantage of a situation where you know you can grab more power for yourself, not doing your flock any favors.
There is absolutely nothing that happened this week that has affected your life on Main Street, unless you’re talking about your stock portfolio. Milk, butter, bread and gas are all down this week – quite significantly. That’s more money in your pocket.
I’m not saying there won’t be fallout. I’m not saying that this stuff will or will not continue to get worse or better. I don’t know those answers. I’ve talked to some really high-powered economists this week, and they’re not even sure.
They all agree on this, though: we all need to chill the fsck out. The sensationalist media missives and opportunistic business announcements are making this worse than it is.
If you’re a writer or you manage a business – take a breath and really think before you post or make major course corrections. There are consequences to your actions. 
Don’t act on fear, act on facts and logic.

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